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How Do You Know What You Know?

Claircognizance or clear knowing, is one of the most common Clairs. If this is your most frequently used Clair, you know things, but you may not know how you know them. With all the other Clairs, you get a physical clue that you are on the right track. With claircognizance, you get “downloads” where ideas just pop into your mind. Most of the time, you don’t realize that you are getting them, the information just shows up in your mind. For many people, claircognizance can create a lot of self-doubt. They often wonder, “Am I just making this stuff up? Maybe I’m being too judgy about them. Maybe should give them the benefit of the doubt. “

How do you know if you are Claircognizant? Here are some clues:


Tend to live in your head- “a thinker”

Learn by reading or writing.

Tend to be the “problem-solver” of your group

Frequently interrupt others’ because you already “know what they are going to say.”

Say “I knew it” when something goes wrong

Are super adept at “knowing” someone’s character—especially if they are shady or manipulative.

Have no “logical" reason to know what you know

Claircognizance is one of the hardest Clairs to recognize because it’s hard to know if it’s part of your usual stream-of-consciousness or messages from the Universe. To figure it out, you can ask yourself several questions to find out.

1. Is this thought or idea part of your stream-of-consciousness?

2. Is it stated in the positive and action-oriented?

3. Does it answer your question that you asked the Universe?

4. Is it outside the box?

Answers from the Universe are infused or “downloaded” into your consciousness. They are always stated in the positive and are action-oriented. Sometimes they are warnings. They also answer your questions or problems that you have been trying to figure out for days or weeks. The answers are usually outside of the box, that third option that never even occurred to you. Typical types of examples are:

Having an urgent thought to call your spouse

Get a quote from another insurance company.

Take an umbrella or you’ll get wet when it’s sunny outside

Or suddenly think, “Where’s the baby?”

These thoughts “pop” into your head, especially when you are showering, walking in nature, or meditating. They also tend to pop into your head when you are engaged in a hobby or activity that doesn’t take a lot of mental bandwidth such as whittling, knitting, cleaning, fishing, or running.

When the Universe wants to get your attention, the message may be repeated, getting louder and louder each time- to make sure you are getting the message and following through.

Several years ago, I kept getting the idea to find out about an admissions test for teachers. When I didn’t take it the first time, the messages went away for a while. The next time it was offered, the thoughts came back louder, more forcefully, and urgently, until two years later I finally realized, “Oh, should I go back to school and be a teacher??” The Universe responded with, “Well, Duh. It took you long enough.” The Universe also has a funny sense of humor. However, I took the test, became a teacher, and it changed the course of my life.

When you don’t listen to the messages even after they get really loud or strong, they will eventually go away but what replaces it is this feeling that something is missing in your life, a lack of purpose, an emptiness or tiredness that doesn’t ever get satisfied, and your feelings of joy and wonder dim or go away entirely.

Automatic writing is another way to get information if you are Claircognizant. It is where you ask the Universe a question, get out paper and pencil, and start writing. It’s best to get out a timer and write for 20 solid minutes. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or if it makes sense. Just write. At first, it will mostly be stream-of-consciousness stuff about the weather, a conversation you had with someone, or an old memory. At some point, you will run out of things to say but if your 20 minutes aren’t up yet, keep writing, even if you have to write, “I can’t think of anything to write.” or “This is stupid”. It’s super important to keep writing because if you stop, you may be telling the Universe that you’re not ready or too impatient for the information. So keep writing and your consciousness will shift, you’ll be open to receiving the information and receptive enough to follow through.

As you develop your skills with Claircognizance, you will also develop and strengthen all of the other Clairs. Being open to the process, including speaking to your loved ones who have transitioned, your higher self, angels, and spirit guides, however that happens for you, is the goal.

The key here is consistency. Set aside some time every day, even for 3 minutes. Investing in yourself will be a reward in and of itself. And you’re worth it!!

While anyone can practice the Clairs by themselves, sometimes it helps to practice with others like us.  I will run a Clairs Class at AIMS on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 on the Loveland Campus from January 24th - February 28th and on the Greeley Campus from April 3rd - May 8th, 2023. I will also be at the Belu Olisa 23rd Annual Spring Holistic Fair at the Ranch, on March 9 & 10, 2024 from 10 am to 5 pm, both days.

I would love it if you would share your comments and experiences with the group - things that have worked for you, being supportive of others, being brave enough to share your personal experiences, and cheering each other on.

Until next time.

Leanne Psychic Medium


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