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Psychic Medium and Clairsensory Intuitive

I have been a medium all my life.  I have always known and felt information when there was no logical way for me to know.  I have always been very good at reading people’s energy (not that I always listened back then!)


In childhood, I frequently talked with my brother, who had transitioned before I was born. When my parents learned I talked frequently with my deceased brother, they did not react supportively. I quickly learned that not only did not everyone see spirits, but that many people including my parents did not want to hear about them.  As a result, I stopped sharing my experiences.


Later as a young adult, I met my life partner, who introduced me to spirituality.  He encouraged me to go to the Understanding Principals Church (UP) by Rev. Della Reese Lett, where we learned the “Laws of the Universe.” To my surprise, exploring this reactivated my gift!


In fact, my clairvoyance activated so strongly that I was able to see people’s internal organs, as if they were transparent, and saw their potential diseases. This second sight made me deeply uncomfortable, not only because I didn't know anyone else with this ability, but also because some of the people I had to work with every day, and it felt very invasive to their privacy. I asked Spirit not to show me things like that again.


Years passed, I parted ways with my life partner, we gradually fell out of contact, and life continued.


In May of 2009, my former life partner began repeatedly visiting me in my dreams. He was insistent that he had a message for his brother. I didn’t understand why I was dreaming about him and I didn't consider any implications beyond it being a strange dream. I had no idea what the dream meant, didn't take it seriously, and to be very honest, I didn’t want to get involved so I didn't reach out to either my former life partner or his brother. 


Eventually, four years later in 2013, I relented to the continuing dream request by my former life partner and sent a message to his brother via Facebook. Another four years passed before I accidentally found his obituary online in 2017: 


My former life partner passed in 2009. 


I was astounded to learn he transitioned just before he started reaching out to me through the dream state. His transitioned spirit had been trying to contact me in dreams for the last eight years!


As far as formal training in these skill sets, I started taking Mediumship and Intuitive classes in 2014, where my peers heavily encouraged me to do readings professionally.  In 2017, I worked my first holistic fair, and have steadily increased my client base ever since, while continuing to see many of those very first clients. 


The idea to support Teen Mediums in developing their gifts emerged when a mother approached me to offer mentorship to her daughter who they learned had the same psychic and mediumship abilities.


Offering guidance, support, and empathy to young people on their spiritual mediumship path has been a wonderful addition to the services I am proud to offer. This service is supported and bolstered by my former 20-year career as a behavioral health counselor, working with high-risk teens, wards of the state, and their families. This background has allowed me nuanced views from multiple perspectives, and most importantly, perspectives informed with experience, empathy, and compassion.


Using our services or this website is for adult entertainment purposes only.  By using this website or our services,  you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. The information you are given is for guidance only and I am not liable for the decisions and choices you make based on the guidance you are given.  Do not use this service or website in place of medical, mental health, or legal issues.  Please seek guidance from medical and/or legal professionals for issues relating to your mental or physical health or any legal issues you may be having. 

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