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Communicating with the Spirits is a lot like playing Charades.  They often share emotions, feelings, words, pictures, smells, and occasionally even tastes. Sometimes it is a straight download of information. I listen to all the things the spirits share, in the ways they share them, and then interpret what the spirits are trying to communicate.   


​I ensure the spirits have your highest good in mind when they interact.  You may find you recognize part of their personality! 


It's important to know that spirits who died in a way often considered “negative” - for example, suicide or drug overdose - they feel the same kinds of shame that we do in the living world, and that shame may make it difficult for them to communicate. I will work with them to help them move past that shame so that real communication with you can take place.  


Some spirits realize a new perspective once they transition to the other side. Oftentimes, spirits will apologize for their bad behavior on Earth. Other times they are the same jovial, surly, loud, know-it-all that they were here on earth. 


Spiritual messages are complex, and it is common for you to not truly understand the meaning of what the spirits have said for days, weeks, or even months after the session, so I encourage note-taking, as well as adding to your notes, so you can reference them even years later.


Readings are offered over the phone or in person, and both are equally effective.  For phone readings, we will schedule a time, and I will initiate the call at the scheduled time.

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Teen Mediums Needing Assistance

Being a teen is tough work today, and discovering you are a Teen Medium adds an extra layer of complexity! This unique service is for teens who want to explore, understand, and improve their skills, while also learning important spirit skills such as setting spirit boundaries and using clear communication. Teens will also learn how to gain control over their own receptivity, including "tuning in" and "tuning out" the communications, even when spirits may be trying to get their attention. The great side effect of learning these techniques is many of the skills like boundary setting and clear communication transfer easily into skills that will serve them in the physical world.

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Group Readings

Readings can be done individually or as a Group! It is both fun and supportive to everyone present when attending a Group Reading.  All group participants will receive a reading. However, the spirits are the ones who will decide the order in which participants receive their readings because the spirits decide who will be communicating first, as well as the length and depth of each reading.

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Skeptical?  I understand. Here are some things other clients have said about me.

I’ve worked with Leanne for years because of her ability to read situations accurately, speak about heavy subjects in a compassionate way, and see things from a bigger perspective. It’s what keeps bringing me back. I highly recommend her!

Rachel W

"I got a reading from Leanne Psychic Medium at the last Holistic Fair. Leanne gave me several pieces of advice on my personal life, and I gotta say, I didn’t think much of what she said. It just didn’t seem to fit my life and the direction I was going. However, over the next six months or so almost everything Leanne said came to be. She is amazing!"

Michaela R

I never realized that what I was looking for when I went to see Leanne Psychic Medium were Unicorns and Rainbows.  Thankfully she told me the TRUTH instead.  It saved me a ton of money and a lot of heartbreak.  I can’t thank her enough."                         Danielle M 

Using our services or this website is for adult entertainment purposes only.  By using this website or our services,  you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. The information you are given is for guidance only and I am not liable for the decisions and choices you make based on the guidance you are given.  Do not use this service or website in place of medical, mental health, or legal issues.  Please seek guidance from medical and/or legal professionals for issues relating to your mental or physical health or any legal issues you may be having. 

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