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Welcome to the Clairsensory Intuitives Website

I am Leanne Psychic Medium, and I offer readings that facilitate communication with your personal Spirit Guides, Angels, and spirits of the previously transitioned. We work together to discover answers to your questions about loved ones who have passed. Clients often find they receive clarity, healing, and closure from these communications from the beyond, and I will provide the supportive framework and space to help you find the same clarity and healing. I will also guide you in making future decisions with empathy and compassion.

Skeptical?  I understand. Here are some things my clients have said about me.

“I have personally received dozens and dozens of readings from Leanne, and witnessed hundreds of her readings for others, since 2013.

Consistently, Leanne delivers helpful information in an honest way while assisting the client in understanding the messages. She holds herself to the highest standard of integrity and is very forthright if she is not receiving information for any reason.

I have personally benefited from Leanne's readings and continue to be impressed by her connection to the Unseen as well as her ability to effectively communicate the messages she receives. Highly recommend!"
Anneliese Anthoinette 2023


“I went to see Leanne Psychic Medium about my father’s illness.  I was shocked when she told me that it was my mom who was most likely going to transition first because of the burden she was under by taking care of my father.  My mom’s old school so she thought it was her duty to soldier on and we didn’t realize it.   We decided as a family to get my mother some help, even though she was initially against it.  It’s made us so much closer as a family.  Her insights into our family really changed our lives.” 

Kathy K


“I have always been skeptical of mediums professing the ability to contact those who have passed on. I attended a reading Leanne did in a small group setting, and I am not a skeptic anymore. Though she had never met this client before the session, Leanne could describe her loved one’s physical appearance, the manner in which he died, and the general situation that likely contributed to his death. Each of these was confirmed as accurate by the client. It was awesome!” 

Michael R

Using our services or this website is for adult entertainment purposes only.  By using this website or our services,  you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. The information you are given is for guidance only and I am not liable for the decisions and choices you make based on the guidance you are given.  Do not use this service or website in place of medical, mental health, or legal issues.  Please seek guidance from medical and/or legal professionals for issues relating to your mental or physical health or any legal issues you may be having. 

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