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The Smells and Tastes of Comfort Part 2

Clairalience (clear-smelling) and Clairgustance (clear-tasting) Part II


This week we will be talking about Clairgustance, the least used and developed skill of the Claris.

Clairgustance is the intuitive or paranormal ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one's mouth. The most common tastes are garlic and sweet.  Some intuitives who work regularly with the police can also taste chemicals, drugs, and blood.  These can provide helpful clues to the police so they can solve a murder or find a kidnapped victim. Additionally, many medical intuitives get messages through Clairgustance to help them tell their clients what foods or chemicals to eat or avoid to improve their health. 

Clairgustance has only happened to me a few times.  The most common two were a strong garlic taste and sweetness. Once I had a metallically, salty taste in my mouth that reminded me of blood.  These experiences are infrequent and only lasted long enough to get the impression of a taste, rather than a lingering, flavorful experience.  You would think with all that those on the other side could do and with their skills and talents as bakers and chefs, that they would drop in some of their favorite or specialty dishes! Alas, it doesn't work that way. 

To enhance your Clairalience and Clairgustance skills, it's helpful to improve your physical senses.  Many of us are used to eating heavily processed foods with a lot of added salt, sugar, flavorings, and preservatives. These mask the wonderful natural scents and flavors of the main ingredients.  They also remove much of the natural textures and fiber. Additionally, we have so little time in our lives to eat mindfully.  Therefore, if you want to enhance your Clairalience and Clairgustance, start by enhancing your palate sensitivity by taking the time to really smell and experience your food.

Try this type of experience with different types of food and drinks.  I find it easier to do these exercises with my eyes closed for a more encapsulating experience.   Fruit, cheese, chocolate, cucumbers, spices, nuts, and wine are good foods to start with since they have simpler flavors. 

Here’s an experiential, mindful way to eat an apple. Notice the smell of the apple as you bring it closer to your mouth.  Feel the smoothness of the skin of the apple with your teeth as it slides down the skin just before it catches at the perfect spot.  As your teeth break the skin, notice the slight spray of juices from the apple as it hits your tongue and lips.  Then hear the crisp snap as the flesh breaks away from the apple.  Notice the craggy edges of the flesh of the apple over your tongue and the slight tang from the sourness.  Feel the way your teeth slip and slide against the apple’s skin as you bite into it. Then notice the sweetness that develops in the back of your tongue as you chew and swallow. 

Here are some other things to try to be mindful of when you eat them:

Sharp cheddar cheese-- Notice the initial crumbliness as you first put it in your mouth.  Does it become creamier as you chew it?  Does it taste earthy, grassy, fresh, crisp, yeasty, nutty, or fruity?  Does the flavor change as you chew it? What other things do you smell and taste? 

Dark Chocolate-- Notice the hardness when you first take a bite.  Does it taste bitter or sweet?  Does it melt in your mouth or just crumble?  Does it melt as you chew?  Do you feel the creaminess as it melts?  Do you taste other flavor profiles: fruity, earthy, or musty?  Does it have a tang on your tongue when you first take a bite or is it just sweet?  Do other flavors develop the longer you chew it or is the sugar heavily prevalent from the start?

Spices-- Put them in a cup or bowl and experience what they smell like.  It's fun if you blindfold yourself and have someone give them to you, just be mindful that many spices are a fine powder so don't sniff too hard.  What's also interesting about doing this is that everyday spices aren't readily recognizable by scent alone.  It's amazing for people to tell me that dry mustard smells yellow, earthy, and a little spicy.  Don't worry if you can't name that spice, do your best to describe what you smell.  Dill, pepper, mustard, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, thyme, basil, oregano, ginger, lemongrass, lemon juice, soy sauce, pickle juice, nutmeg, olive oil, and sesame oil are all great things to try. 

Have fun with your food.  Savor every bite.  Once you start to get your olfactory senses and taste buds working, it'll be easier to develop your Clairalience and Clairgustance.


While anyone can do these exercises by themselves, sometimes it helps to practice with others like us.  I will be running a Clairs Class at AIMS on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 on the Loveland Campus from January 24th - February 28th and on the Greeley Campus from April 3rd - May 8th, 2023.

I would love it if you would share your comments and experiences with the group about things that have worked for you, being supportive of others who are brave enough to share their personal experiences, and cheering each other on.


Until next time…



Leanne Psychic Medium

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