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What the Heck Is Clairsentience?

Updated: Mar 24

Clairsentience, also known as clear feeling, is one of the most common Clairs that we use. While many people associate Clairsentience with emotional feelings, it also includes physical feelings as well. Clairsentience is activated by the heart (4th) and sacral (2nd) chakras and is represented by the colors green and orange, respectively.

For most of us who are just spending time in our daily lives, emotional feelings are the way Clairsentience shows up most often. It's that gut feeling of fear, dread, rage, sadness, or joy you get when you walk into a room or see a specific person. It's that feeling in the pit of your stomach, the way your hair stands up on the back of your neck, and it's those strange feelings that you get for no apparent reason and you know that they aren't yours. Have you ever walked into a room and known someone was very angry, even if they weren't doing or saying anything? You can literally feel the anger radiating off them. I used to work on the psych unit, I could always tell who had predatory sexual issues because I always felt like I needed to take a shower after spending any time around them. Feelings like these come from your Guides, Higher Self, Intuition, God, Angels, or the Universe asking or sometimes begging you to pay attention. I don't always find out the reason behind the feelings I got the feeling when I do, but I sure have reaped the consequences when I didn't. Have you ever had a relationship that turned out badly and you said to yourself, "I knew it" or "I wish I would have listened to my instinct?” Children and pets are very attuned to their Clairsentience. If they don’t like someone in your circle of friends, pay attention to them. They may be picking up on something you may be overlooking or minimizing.

For those of us doing mediumship work, the most common thing spirits do is to tell us how they died to give evidence that they are talking to their loved ones. These often show up as such as headaches, tightness in the chest, inability to breathe, or sharp stabbing sensation somewhere in their body.  I can remember the first time I saw a "dead" person, a.k.a. a spirit, and he wanted to let me know how he died.  I immediately felt like I was having a heart attack.  My heart felt tight and clenched, had this strong feeling like I couldn't breathe with pain radiating down my arm.  The feeling was physically intense and it stopped as soon as I asked him to, but it took me a few minutes to get back my bearings. I learned an important lesson that day to set limits with the spirits on the other side about intensity. You don't need to kill me to get your message. =)

Another physical feeling I get quite often is a weight and coolness on my finger or around my neck to let me know about jewelry that was very important to them or that they were married. 

Clairsentience is very strong in my life. There are places, stores, and people that I just can't be around.  When I walk into certain stores, I can feel the hopelessness, despair, and oppression.  If I feel that when I walk in the door, my first thought is that there is nothing I need in this store that will justify bringing that energy into my home or putting it in my body.   I also have a hard time with large crowds. I tend to go to the movies during slow times because I like having the theater to myself without all of the feelings I get when it's crowded.   There are some techniques you can use to ward some of it off, like creating a bubble of mirrors, roses, or even a brick wall. However, I find that the bubble keeps all things out. My world feels flatter and I miss things like how powerful, sad, joyful, or inspiring the movie was. 

Clairsentience is a powerful tool that allows us to get valuable information about our surroundings and to communicate with those who have crossed over.  However, ask any Empath (a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place, or animal) and you will know that this Clair is like a double-edged sword.  It's great to have feelings about people and situations but it can get overwhelming quickly, especially if they are around people who have a lot of negative feelings.  During those times it's important to protect yourself in an energetic bubble or to turn your chakras down when you don’t want to feel what everyone around you is feeling.  Both of those can be accomplished by mindfully or with mediation asking your heart (4th) and sacral (2nd) chakras to turn down to 25-30%.  You want to be open enough so you still get information from your guides if you need it, but not so overwhelmed that you can't function. 

If you are one of those who wants to activate or open your Clairsentience abilities more, practice by listening to songs that make you feel something:  "Memories" by Barbara Streisand, "Pachelbel’s Cannon in D", "Fireworks" by Katie Perry, "All of Me" by John Legend, "I Will Always Love You", by Whitney Houston, "Hello" by Adele, to name a few.   Another good way is to watch heartfelt movies like "Me Before You", "Titanic", "Terms of Endearment", "Beaches", "Old Yeller", "Hachi: A Dog’s Tale", "Miracle on 34th St.", or "Brokeback Mountain".  I heavily encourage you to listen to the songs or watch the movies alone so you don't feel so self-conscious about someone who might judge (or think might judge you).  Get comfortable and have a box of tissues nearby.  If you have a hard time letting go of your defenses, maybe have a glass of wine to help loosen you up.  When the song or movie is over, check in with how you are feeling. It’s a good idea to write your thoughts and feelings in a journal so you refer back to them later and see how much you’ve grown or changed your perspective.

I would love it if you would share your comments and experiences below with others about things that have worked for you, be supportive of others who are brave enough to share their personal experiences and cheer each other on.

Anyone can do these things by themselves, but sometimes we like to practice with others like us. I will be running a Clairs Class at AIMS on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 on the Loveland Campus from January 24th - February 28th and on the Greeley Campus from April 3rd - May 8th, 2023.

Until next time…

Leanne Psychic Medium

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